Jan Lilliendahl Larsen

Chief ideologist Urbanist

Contact: jan at praxis-cph.dk

Leading member of Supertanker since 2003. He has loads of experience with academic teaching and research as well as community work and participatory processes in housing estates, abandoned spaces as well as downtown areas. In this relation, he has researched and developed the possibilities for democratic participation in the fault-line between urban life, culture, politics and development. In doing this, he is the main conceptualizer behind the concept of deliberation called Free Trial! and the visual concept of The Right to the City and the Vague Spaces. He has also participated in the development of the programme Plan, By og Proces (Planning Studies) at Roskilde University. Most recently, he has participated in founding Praxis Cph, where the experiences and knowledge from decades of urban practice will be gathered and conceptualized further in an attempt to show how this practice is explicitly and implicitly moulded by the conditions of possibility in contemporary Denmark.

He has documented his work in the dissertation Politisk urbanitet (Political Urbanity) from 2008, in the articles “Situationens urbanisme” (“An urbanism of the situation” with Martin Frandsen and Supertanker, 2014, regarding new tendencies of participation in urban life and development, in Copenhagen as well as abroad; English abstract); “Lefebvrean vaguenesses” (2014, regarding the theoretical and philosophical implications of the new, political and cultural tendencies of the city) in the English anthology about Henri Lefebvre, Urban Revolution Now (eds. Stanek, Moravansky and Schmid); “Critique, creativity and the cooptation of the urban” (with Jens Brandt, 2018, regarding the development of Strandgade and the urban scene of Copenhagen – in light of Lefebvre’s urban philosophy) in Urban Planning, and, most recently; “Urban Drama: Power Mediation in Antagonistic Copenhagen” (with Martin Severin Frandsen, regarding the process concept Free Trial! and the conflictual nature of urban politics in Copenhagen) in Urban Planning.

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